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The Caribbean Regional Information and Translation Institute (CRITI) was established in 2008, by the CARIFORUM Council of Ministers, to foster better regional integration and cooperation and commercial enterprise. In order to do so, the public and private sector must overcome the language barriers in the Caribbean which comprises Dutch, English, Spanish and French speaking territories. CRITI’s mission is to provide high quality translation, information and other language services to the entire Caribbean.

“The Caribbean can speak one language through CRITI”
“Grâce au CRITI, les Caraïbes peuvent parler une langue”
“El Caribe puede hablar un mismo idioma a través de CRITI”
“Met CRITI spreekt het Caribisch gebied één taal”

We are currently a prime provider of translation and interpretation services, also responsible for disseminating information and legal documents on Regional Integration in Dutch, English, Spanish and French for institutions such as the Caribbean Court of Justice and CARICOM. Some of our clients include: Government of Suriname, Government of Haiti, CARIFORUM Directorate, CARICOM Secretariat, CEDA, CCJ, CDB, CDEMA, CROSQ, UNASUR, OAS, UNDP, IDB, FAO, ITU, PAHO/WHO, Conservation International Suriname, the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP), Institute for Social Scientific Research, the National Assembly of the Republic of Suriname, University of Suriname, Central Bank of Suriname and Diplomatic Missions.

“True and Trusted Translation”
“Traduction fiable et conforme”
“Traducción fiel y fiable”
“Getrouwe en betrouwbare vertalingen”

True translation requires specialized expertise. CRITI guarantees quality through adherence to MQM Standards. CRITI has developed cooperation programmes with the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Union, the Caribbean Court of Justice, the University of Suriname, the University of the West-Indies, the Government of Suriname and several translation agencies.

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